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Here you can find more information on the composition, competences and activities of the Faculty Council.

Der Fachbereichsrat

Professors Academic staff Miscellaneous staff Students
Prof. Dr. Werner Brannath [Mathematics]
Prof. Dr. Christof Büskens [Mathematics]
Prof. Dr. Rolf Drechsler [Computer Science]
Christine Knipping [Mathematics]
Prof. Dr. Carsten Lutz [Computer Science]
Prof. Dr. Rainer Malaka [Computer Science]
Prof . Jens Rademacher [Mathematics]
Dr. Nadine Dittert [Computer Science]
Dr. Ronald Stöver [Mathematics]
Georg Holtsteger [Faculty 3]
Insa Warms-Cangalovic [Faculty 3 Administration]
Schürholz, Dennis
Winter, Jessica

Invitation to the Faculty Council

Current documents regarding the Faculty Council

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Minutes of Faculty Council meetings Archive

Wahlergebnisse Archive

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