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Special Math Colloquium at Jacobs: Thu, 24 January 2008

Betreff: Special Math Colloquium at Jacobs: Thu, 24 January 2008Von: Dierk Schleicher Datum: Thu, 24 Jan 2008 00:06:28 +0100An: , math-events@jacobs-university.de, , , Walter Bergweiler , Christiane Büßelmann CC: Mikhail Lyubich , Reiner Lauterbach
Dear Mathematicians in Bremen and around,

as announced earlier, our next speaker in the Mathematics Colloquium will be

    Mikhail (Misha) Lyubich from Stony Brook/NY and Toronto.

Misha Lyubich is one of the internationally
leading people in dynamical systems, especially
complex dynamics. He will speak on

     Recent Developments on Local Connectivity of the Mandelbrot Set

Abstract: The Mandelbrot set  M is the
bifurcation diagram in the compex quadratic
It was conjectured about 25 years ago by Douady
and Hubbard that this set is locally
connected.This assertion would have a number of
important consequences including complete
topological understanding of M. In the talk we
will give
an overview of old and recent developments in this problem.

Date: THURSDAY, 24 January, 16:15 pm
Place: Jacobs University, lecture hall Research II

Note: this is a special colloquium; thus special
day (Thursday) and special hour (1 hour earlier
than usual).

The talk will begin at 16:15 and will take place in the Lecture Hall of
Research II on the IUB Campus.
Before the talk, will have Tea starting at about 15:45 in the Tea Room (at
the beginning of the hallway leading to the lecture hall).

We hope to see many guests (besides all the IUB mathematicians)!

For more information, please have a look at our Colloquium Page at

Best wishes,
Dierk Schleicher

PS (for IUB people): Bring your cups for tea!

Directions for how to get to the IUB Campus and to Research II:

By car: Coming from Bremen, take the A27 direction Bremerhaven and take Exit
16 (Bremen Burg-Lesum or Bremen-Nord). Get onto B74/A270 heading toward
Take the exit marked "St. Magnus / Grohn / Schönebeck." From the exit ramp,
turn left. At the next traffic light turn left again into Schönebecker
Straße, then left again into Bruno-Bürgel-Straße (third left). After about
300 meters, turn left at the IUB campus main entrance.

By public transport: From Bremen HBf, take a train to Bremen-Vegesack
(platform 5 or 6, leaves at minutes 10 and 40 within each hour; the 16:10
train will give you enough time for Tea). After about 20 minutes, you reach
the station Bremen-Schönebeck. Leave the train, walk up the steps onto the
bridge, cross the railway line, then turn left into the second street
(Bruno-Bürgel-Straße). Follow this street until you reach the IUB main
entrance after about 300 meters.

To Research II: From the main gate, keep straight on (not possible by car; you
have to go around the left side of the Campus Center in that case). On your
left, you pass the Campus Center, then you meet a road again. Turn right; the
building on your right is Research II, and you will soon reach its main
entrance. Once in the building keep straight on to reach the Lecture Hall.

Dierk Schleicher * Professor of Mathematics * Jacobs University Bremen

JUB-Math-Colloq-20080124-Prof_Lyubich, Invitation JUB-Math-Colloq-20080124-Prof_Lyubich, Einladung



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