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Textalternate  1 Junior Research Group Leader, reference number A 52/13

The University of Bremen, a mid-sized university with approximately 250 professorships
and 19,000 students, offers a broad range of disciplines and competes internationally in toplevel research. With its ambitious institutional strategy the university was successful in the
national Excellence Initiative as one of only eleven universities in Germany.
Cooperative Junior Research Groups funded by the Excellence Initiative strengthen the
university's capacity for innovation. They will be established in fields of close collaboration
with our highly renowned research partners and thereby offer rewarding research
opportunities and career prospects for excellent junior researchers.
Candidates exhibiting excellent doctorate credentials and the ability to successfully design
and lead a cutting-edge research project are encouraged to apply. Group leaders will receive
a competitive salary and a generous budget for research assistants and other costs directly
incurred by the project. Junior group leaders at the University of Bremen can be temporarily
granted the title of a professor and the right to independently supervise doctoral theses.
Teaching (in English or German) is only required for two hours per week during terms,
starting in the second year.
The University of Bremen is offering ­ conditional to the release of budgetary funds ­
the following position for a
Junior Research Group Leader
"Parallel Computing for Embedded Sensor Systems"
Salary group E14/15
(for three years with the option of an extension)
reference number: A52/13
The junior research group will be part of the Faculty for Mathematics and Computer Science
and will closely cooperate with the co-financing Institute of Space Systems of the German
Aerospace Center (DLR). The research of the junior research group will focus on:
- Fault-tolerant and robust embedded system design for harsh environments (space
exploration, planetary landing)
- Parallel, highly dependable and highly reliable sensor data processing for spacecraft
guidance, navigation and control applications
- Integrated system design and miniaturization for weight reduction
- High performance parallel sensor data fusion on embedded systems
- Failure detection, isolation and recovery of embedded sensor networks
For further inquiries please contact the Dean of the Faculty for Mathematics and Computer
Science, Professor Kerstin Schill (dekanin@fb3.uni-bremen.de), phone +49-421-218-64240.
The applicant is expected to readily cooperate with other research areas within and outside
the University of Bremen and to acquire additional third-party funds.
Selection procedures and implementation of the junior research groups with an envisaged
duration of five years are oriented on the model of Emmy Noether junior research groups of
the German Research Foundation (DFG). Requirements are: excellent doctorate credentials,
publications in peer-reviewed international journals or other comparable publications, and a
minimum of one year postdoctoral experience. Candidates should ideally have gained some
of their expertise while working abroad for several months during the doctoral or postdoctoral
phase. Applications may only be submitted within five years after obtaining the doctorate.
Family leave will be taken into consideration. The doctorate should not have been attained at
the University of Bremen, otherwise at least two years of postdoctoral research at another
institution are required.
Junior research group leaders may be assigned up to 2.5 additional research positions and
will receive funds for equipment, consumables and student assistants.
Please send your application by email. Applications must include:
· a CV
· a short statement of research achievements
· a five-year project plan. The project plan should address the following points: State of
the art, own preliminary work, objectives, work program (including time table and cost
projection), project requirements and concept for collaboration between university
and DLR (maximum 10 pages).
· contact details of at least three referees
The University of Bremen has received a number of awards for its gender and diversity
policies and is particularly aiming to increase the number of female researchers. Applications
from female candidates, international applications and applications of academics with a
migration background are explicitly welcome.
Disabled persons with the same professional and personal qualifications will be given
Please send your application (with reference number A52/13) not later than 2013-04-04 to

1 Junior Research Group Leader, reference number A 52/13
1 Junior Research Group Leader, reference number A 52/13



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